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Thank you for taking the time to find out more about One Generation Ministries. I am glad you came to our website; whether it was by surfing online or you heard about One Generation Ministries website from a friend, we are glad you are here.

We try to please God and praise Him. The Vision of One Generation Ministries is to Exalt, Extol, Worship, and Praise God; reminding God’s children how great the Lord is and how worthy He is of all our praises. We want to show His wonderful works; joyfully singing of His righteousness. We hope to uplift the spirits of many individuals thereby helping restore their faith in the Almighty Lord, Jesus Christ. We also hope many lives will come to know Him through this ministry.

It was about 2001, when the Lord impressed me with starting this ministry. I was to go to different churches and minister through song and testimony. Helping people, heal their hurts through hearing how God has worked in my life, putting Hope in their lives again, and in turn, they would lift up their eyes to Lord God Almighty.

In 2003, God revealed to me how websites and e-mails can reach people these days and the ministry was born.

In 2005, the ministry had no funding to keep the website functioning but God allowed me to find a way to keep the website operational again.

I hope you can use the resources that we offer through this website. If anyone has any questions, I or the people who are working with One Generation Ministries will be happy to try and answer your questions.

God bless to all as we try to bless God!!
In His Love,

Mark E. Arroyo
Director of Ministries